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Dual Credit

Dual Credit Enrollment

  1. Contact Hill College and schedule a time to take the TSI test (817) 760-5814, the cost is $39 - If you took the test with Covington you will need your results.
    You have to make certain scores (Math = 950+, Reading = 945+, Writing = 5+ on composition or less than a 945 (910-944) and an ABE score of 5, and an essay score of 5 to take college classes.  If you passed all three subject areas on the TSI then you can take college English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. If you do not pass certain areas you will need remediation and you may take the test again and pass that area before you can take the college-level class on which you are trying to take.
  2. Apply online (fill out dual credit-you also use this site to apply for any other college in Texas)
  3. You will get an email if you are accepted and it will have your student ID number which will allow you to create an account for the MyHC account.  
    username (first name.last name)
    password (last name-first letter capitalized and the last four digits of the account number Hill sent you)
  4. Once you get the email:  go to the college and visit with an admissions counselor.  You will need the dual credit application which can be found on the Hill College site (and you will need a high school official signature and other information), proof of your meningitis vaccination, your high school transcript, your TSI or other test results.
  5. Once you are accepted and everything is good with the college you will log onto Hill account and go through MyHC to register for classes.